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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines to Launch NDC Platform and Introduce GDS Booking Fee

Turkish Airlines announced it will launch its New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform, TKConnect, on October 1. The airline will begin charging a distribution fee for bookings made through global distribution systems (GDS).

According to Ahmet Olmustur, Turkish Airlines’ chief commercial officer, TKConnect is designed to “offer advanced technology in a user-friendly way.” The platform will provide promotional fares exclusive to NDC, “rich content” featuring visuals and descriptions, differentiated ticket pricing, and “enhanced” ancillary services.

TKConnect offers three connection options:

  1. Direct connection via NDC APIs
  2. Aggregator connection through “certified technology partners” (specific partners not disclosed)
  3. Web-based booking portal

While the exact surcharge for GDS bookings was not disclosed and remains unspecified by a Turkish Airlines spokesperson, agents will still be able to access legacy content through GDSs, albeit with the additional fee. New content, however, will only be available through TKConnect. Turkish Airlines assured agents that there will be no fees associated with services accessed via TKConnect.

The introduction of TKConnect aims to streamline and enhance the booking experience for agents, offering a modern, content-rich platform that aligns with industry advancements.

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