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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Suspends Ticket Sales to Mexico from Russia

Turkish Airlines does not know when the company will resume ticket sales to Mexico from Russia with unified booking. This was reported by Prime, citing a source in the airline.

Turkish Airlines suspended ticket sales to Mexico from Russia at the end of April. Currently, when trying to purchase tickets online through the website or app from Moscow to Mexico City, a message about the absence of tickets is displayed, or options for different dates are shown, but when clicking the booking button, it does not proceed. Tickets cannot be booked for all available dates up to April 2025.

“We do not have information on when ticket sales from Moscow to Mexico City and back will resume. You can purchase tickets with separate bookings: Moscow – Istanbul, Istanbul – Mexico City,” the source said.

In the case of airline tickets to Buenos Aires and other cities in Latin America, such problems do not arise.

Since the end of February, Turkish Airlines has not allowed passengers to board flights from Istanbul to Latin America for several reasons, including lack of luggage or an empty passport. Some of them intend to sue the airline. One of the affected passengers shared Turkish Airlines’ response, in which the airline stated that the decision to refuse passengers is made by a third-party company providing airport security.

According to the press attaché of the Russian Embassy in Mexico, the Mexican side is ready to investigate each individual case of refusal to enter the country upon receipt of the corresponding appeal with a description of the situation and with all necessary evidence, including photos and videos.

Turkish Airlines had suspended ticket sales to Mexico from Russia. They offered travel agents to cancel sold tickets for flights from Russia to Mexico from April 23 to July 31, 2024, or change the travel itinerary.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov stated that Moscow is working with Ankara on the situation with Turkish Airlines.

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