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Asia Travel Guide

Welcome to Asia, the largest and most diverse continent on our planet. This Asia travel guide will help you explore the wealth of cultures, historical landmarks, and natural wonders that Asia has to offer.

Top Destinations in Asia

Phuket Thailand
Regions of Russia
Flights to Tashkent

Top Things to Do

Asia Highlights


Asia is a melting pot of cultures. From the bustling markets of Bangkok to the ancient temples of Kyoto, immerse yourself in the traditions, arts, and culinary delights that make each country in Asia unique.

Historical Marvels

Explore the historical wonders of Asia, including the Great Wall of China, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan,  wast cold Siberia in Russia and the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Uncover fascinating stories and the legacy of civilizations that have shaped this vast continent.

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Latest News


Thailand Proposes Schengen-Type Visa for 6 Southeast Asian Countries

Prime Minister of Thailand, Sretta Tavisin, has proposed the creation of a Schengen-type visa program with Southeast Asian countries, which collectively welcomed around 70 million ...
Southwind Airlines

European Tour Operators Reroute Clients Amid Southwind Airlines Ban

European tour operators are rerouting their clients from Southwind Airlines to flights operated by other airlines due to the EU airspace ban, reports Turizm Guncel. ...
North Korea

Russia to Resume Charter Flights to North Korea

Russia is ready to resume charter flights to North Korea for tourist groups, reported by RIA Novosti citing the head of the Ministry of Natural ...
Radisson Collection

Radisson Collection Enters India

Radisson Hotel Group has announced the debut of its luxury brand, Radisson Collection, in India. The Radisson Collection Hotel & Spa, Riverfront Srinagar, featuring 212 ...

Qazaq Air Suspends Flights to Kazan for Safety Reasons

Qazaq Air suspended air travel between the city of Aktobe in western Kazakhstan and the city of Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, for safety reasons. This ...
jordan aviation

Jordan Aviation Resumes Flights to Russia from Jordan

Jordan Aviation resumes flights to Russia. In previous seasons, flights to Amman were operated by another airline. Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport served the first flight of ...
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