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morocco travel guide

Morocco is a country located in North Africa, with coastlines along both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Arab, Berber, and French civilizations. Morocco attracts tourists with its blend of historic and modern attractions, from ancient medinas to vibrant markets and coastal resorts.


Morocco has numerous notable places worth visiting. Here are a few must-visit places in Morocco:


  • Visit the ancient Medina of Marrakech with its traditional markets and craftsmen.
  • Spend time in the Bahia Palace and Majorelle Gardens.


  • Explore the ancient Medina of Fes, considered the oldest in the world.
  • Visit the Bou Inania Madrasa and the Karaouine, notable architectural landmarks.


  • Embark on a captivating desert tour to the Sahara, where you can ride camels and witness the sunset.


  • Spend time in the beautiful coastal city, known for its whitewashed buildings and historic center.


  • Visit this ancient fortress town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


  • Explore the city of Casablanca, with the iconic Hassan II Mosque being a must-visit.

Atlas Mountains

  • Venture into the Atlas Mountains and visit the village of Ait-Mayu or invite yourself to a culinary experience on one of the farms.


  • Visit the “Blue City” of Chefchaouen, where buildings are painted in shades of blue.

Morocco offers an incredible variety of experiences, from ancient cities to the Sahara Desert.

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