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Moscow Travel Guide

moscow travel guide

What you need to see in Moscow besides Red Square. In this Moscow Travel Guide, we will talk about classic places to see in Moscow and new points of attraction worth visiting for those who have already visited Red Square.

Moscow offers a lot of festivals and city holidays, business events, and exhibitions in any season.

The classic attractions in Moscow: the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery, and Arbat are the first places tourists want to see. Among the non-classical attractions of Moscow are Zaryadye Park, the Dream Island amusement park, VDNKh, the Panorama 360 observation deck on the 89th floor of the Federation-East tower in the Moscow City complex, Mosfilm, Luzhniki, Skolkovo and excursion to Stalin’s bunker and along the Moscow metro. River cruises and cable car tours are in demand in the summer season.

red square

The Red Square is home to the Lobnoye Mesto, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin, and the necropolis by the Kremlin wall. In the northern part of the square are the Historical Museum and the Kazan Cathedral, while in the southern part stands the Cathedral of the Intercession (Saint Basil’s Cathedral). This architectural ensemble is under the protection of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, which is considered the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.

In the main museum complex in Lavrushinsky Lane, there is a collection of paintings, drawings, icons, and sculptures dating from the era of Ancient Rus up to the beginning of the 20th century.

Moscow Metro

The stations of the Moscow Metro are underground palaces of Moscow, distinguished by truly palatial splendor in their vestibules and underground halls. The complexes are adorned with statues, reliefs, and monumental decorative compositions. 

The Moscow Metro is one of the capital’s most important landmarks, comprising over 250 stations, each of which is unique in its own way.

Panorama 360

The Sun of Moscow is a new attraction where you can observe the  city and its iconic landmarks from a height of 140 meters. Moscow will unfold before you from a bird’s-eye view. Enjoy panoramic views of the capital and get unforgettable impressions from the overview of 50 kilometers. In 18 minutes and 40 seconds, you can see more than 30 iconic landmarks of Moscow from the observation wheel.

For adrenaline enthusiasts, five cabins feature a transparent floor for a 360° view.

Stalin's Bunker

Stalin’s bunker in Moscow serves as a reminder of the wartime period. During the Soviet era, several underground facilities were constructed for the country’s leader, and one of them is Stalin’s bunker in Moscow, located in Izmailovo and disguised as a stadium.

Tsaritsyno Palace

Tsaritsyno is located in the south of Moscow and includes an architectural complex of the late 18th century, Greenhouses, Historical Landscaped Park with ponds and new park zones with Light dynamic fountain. The territory covers 405 hectares.

The palace complex created as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine II.

Arkhangelskoye Estate

The Arkhangelskoye estate was a summer residence for princess Golitsins, but the “golden age” of the manor came in early 19th century when Prince Nikolay Yusupov, patron of arts and the member of one of the richest nobilities in Russia, became the landowner. He invited the French architect Jacob Guerneto design the main palace in 1786-1790. The building had two wings, one of them was used as an art gallery and the other one as a library.

Kuskovo Estate

 The Kuskovo estate is an architectural complex in the west of Moscow. It was built in the middle of XVII century in classicism style. It is one of the greatest summer estates, which belonged to the Sheremetev family.  The estate included three parts: behind-the-pond part with the menagerie, the French garden with ponds and marble sculptures and English garden called “Guy”. Kuskovo is one of the most impressive architectural complexes in Moscow countryside.

Where to Stay in Moscow


How to Get to Moscow

Moscow Vnukovo (VKO), Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and Moscow Zhukovsky (ZIA) are serving Moscow.

In 2024, 51 airlines continue offer flights to Moscow. Check the full list here

When to visit Moscow

April to September. These are great months to visit Moscow. April can still bring snow, September tends to bring more rain. Summer, from June to August, is the peak season for Russian tourism. The weather is pleasant, and it gets warm without being too uncomfortable. 


What to Bring from Moscow

space food

Gingerbread. Baked from honey dough with aromatic spices and original fillings gingerbreads are good souvenirs from Moscow.

Red and black caviar, brought to Moscow from the Far East of Russia has become the world’s symbol of prosperity. 

Space food. In souvenir shops, you can buy real space borscht or mashed potatoes with chicken. 

alenka chocolate
souvenir from Moscow

Alenka chocolate. The most famous Russian chocolate. Or Montpasye candies in tin boxes featuring views of the capital or boxes of chocolate candies.

Souvenirs. Heart of Moscow produces recognizable souvenirs featuring symbols of Russia and Moscow. 

Gzhel. Enameled pottery and ceramics adorned in the distinctive blue designs on white background, the style originated in the Russian village of Gzhel, near Moscow.

Leaving Russia, make sure you don’t have prohibited items in your luggage. Not everything is allowed to be exported, and not in any quantities. Customs officers will not allow:

  • Goods worth more than $25,000;
  • Antiques;
  • Cultural heritage items;
  • Seafood weighing more than five kilograms;
  • Amber weighing more than one kilogram;
  • Sturgeon caviar with a mass exceeding 250 grams;
  • Wild plants and animals for which permission is required for export.

Other goods or the same goods in permissible quantities can be exported beyond Russia only if they are packaged in factory packaging and have receipts.

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