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Fairytale Destinations in Europe

Think fairytales only exist in books? Europe is full of enchanting destinations that are perfect for when you could use a touch of brightness in your life. From a colourful palace in Portugal to a centuries-old castle...


Your Guide to Izmir Wineries

Just over half of all Turkish wine comes from the Aegean region of Turkey. Most of the Turkish wines produced at wineries in the Urla, Izmir region, area are made from international grape varietals, but many vintners...


Offbeat Safari Getaways in Africa

When it comes to viewing exotic animals in the wild, Africa is an oyster. A safari to this legendary continent is considered to be the trip of a lifetime. Having said that, there are many who have exhausted the many...


Where to Travel in Turkey in 2020

With many people around the world aching for a vacation, many countries still have travel restrictions that have been imposed to control the spread of COVID-19. In some cases, arriving tourists will have to undergo...

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2020 Best Cities for Dogs Unveiled

The 2020 Best Cities for Dogs Index compares and analyses the conditions for dogs in 50 major dog-friendly cities around the world. The study does not reflect ‘the best and worst’ cities for dogs but instead evaluates...