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Turkish Airline’s Miles&Smiles Program

Turkish Airline’s Miles & Miles is a frequent flyer program that offers a whole lot of benefits, enabling you to earn miles when you shop and fly. You may use the miles you earn to buy award tickets and upgrades and shop at the Shop&Miles store.

Offering its services to over 260 destinations from across the globe, Turkish is a Star Alliance member, the largest of three global airline alliances.

Earning miles

Being a Miles&Smiles member, you will not only earn miles on the Turkish Airlines but also on Star Alliance member airline flights. In addition to this, you will be able to earn miles while buying services from the program partners, including car rental, hotel booking, health care and when you shop at the Shop&Miles store. Besides this, you also earn miles while using your Miles&Smiles credit card when buying.

Spending miles

The miles you earn by being a member of the Miles&Smiles program offer a range of benefits (based on your membership status). You can take advantage of these miles and buy award tickets (both domestic and international) for yourself and your loved ones. Also, you may use these miles to upgrade for free, and the option to shop at the Miles&Smiles store is always open for you.

Miles&Smiles Membership Tiers


This is the base membership with benefits, including:
Earn miles on Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance member airline flights
Earn miles while spending with program partners
Use miles to buy domestic as well as international award tickets

Classic Plus

This is the second tier and is equal to Star Alliance Silver status. Holding this membership, you become entitled to be on priority, if on the waiting list and standby on Turkish Airlines as well as Star Alliance member airlines.

In addition to this, you are prioritized when it comes to boarding, baggage handling and allowance policy, and lounge access on Turkish Airline’s domestic flights.

To maintain the classic membership, you need to attain 25,000 status miles in a year, and you need to 17.000 status miles (in a year) or 35,000 miles (in two years).


The third tier membership, Elite, is equal to Star Alliance Gold status. Holding this membership, you not only become entitled to Star Alliance Silves benefits but also get complimentary lounge access, Priority baggage handling & boarding, priority check-in, gold track security, and extra baggage allowance on all Turkish and Star Alliance flights.

In addition to this, you may use special inquiry and reservation line, and get 50% off on your second business class ticket with a paid one.

To maintain your Elite membership, you need to maintain a 40,000 status mile in a year, and if you are a Turkish resident, then you need 30,000 status miles (in a year) or 45,000 status miles (in two years).

Elite Plus

The highest tier, Elite Plus, is equal to Star Alliance Gold status. The exclusive benefits include two free upgrades for every year of their membership, sure shot seat for reservations made by them in the last 72 hours, and three Elite for loved ones (against 40,000 status miles).
To maintain the membership, you need to get 80,000 status miles within a year and to renew the same; you need to get 40,000 status miles (in a year) or 60,000 status miles (in two years).
Miles&Smiles Services

Award Tickets

As mentioned earlier, You can buy award tickets for yourself and your loved ones using the miles earned.

A hot tip: If you are not a Miles&Smile member and are looking forward to flying to or from Turkey, then you may consider booking your tickets via Faremart. The platform offers exclusive deals and discounts on ticket booking services, with access to more than 450 airlines and 24*7 customer assistance.

Turkish Airlines Lounge

Istanbul Airport, the base of Turkish Airlines, warmly welcomes the passengers and make sure that they have the best of travel experience.
You may benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic when flying domestically and Turkish Airlines Lounge Business and Miles&Smiles, when flying internationally.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles is spread across an area of 5.600m2 with seating space for around 765 people.

Who can benefit from Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles?

Business-class passengers
Turkish Airlines passengers and corporate club members
Turkish Airline Economy class passengers who are Star Alliance Gold members
Turkish Airline Economy class passengers with Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus membership
Star Alliance member airline’s Economy class passengers, Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus members

Last-Minute Upgrades

The miles earned can be used to enjoy flying in Business Class by upgrading. Also, the members are eligible to go for the last-minute upgrade.

Extra Baggage Allowance

You become eligible to receive additional baggage allowance, in addition to the free baggage allowance depending upon your Miles&Smiles membership status.

Reservation Priority

As a Miles&Smiles member, you will always be prioritized regarding seat reservation. Also, you become entitled to select your seat even before purchasing the ticket.

Miles&Smiles Credit Cards

You will automatically earn miles while making any purchase using the Miles&Smiles Credit Cards, which may be used later to buy the award tickets.

In a Crux

If you are a Turkish resident or belong to any other part of the world, and are looking forward to becoming a member of the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles program, then there is not much to think.

Get your membership now and avail the benefits like a boss.

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