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Smoke Incident on Phuket Runway Involving Russian Aircraft

Russian airline Azur Air aircraft, bound for Sochi, experienced smoke on the runway at Phuket Airport, as reported by the Telegram channel.

The aircraft was scheduled to depart at 15:00 local time, but there was an oil leak in one of the engines, resulting in smoke. Technical services and firefighters promptly responded to the scene and began draining fuel from the aircraft. Throughout this process, passengers remained onboard. Witnesses noted that due to the high temperature inside the cabin, some passengers began to lose consciousness. Eventually, all passengers were disembarked and returned to the airport.

“We started to take off, the plane was accelerating, and suddenly there were sharp screams. Everyone was crying out, shouting, and some were yelling: ‘We’re on fire’,” recounted one passenger.

According to preliminary information, there were no injuries reported. Currently, passengers are awaiting a replacement flight.

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