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Russian Airlines

Russian Airlines Face Challenges Due to Sanctions on Repairs and Spare Parts

Russian airlines continue to face difficulties as a result of sanctions on aircraft repairs and spare parts. In the past few weeks alone, Aeroflot, the Russian flagship carrier, reported eight aircraft malfunctions, according to Russian media.

In 2023, Russian airlines recorded over 400 incidents related to engine and aircraft failures. For instance, on January 8, in Thailand, 400 Aeroflot passengers were stranded due to a malfunction on board a Boeing 777-300ER.

Earlier on December 28, in Dubai, an airline spent 14 hours changing a wheel. In December, Aeroflot faced various issues and emergency landings:

December 1: An Airbus A321 landed due to air conditioning issues.
December 1: A Boeing 737 made an emergency landing due to a pressure drop in the landing gear.
December 2: An Airbus A321 made an emergency landing after the left engine failed.
December 6: Smoke occurred in a Boeing 777 due to a malfunction.
December 12: A Boeing had difficulty taking off twice due to a malfunction.
December 18: A Boeing 737 made an emergency landing due to a malfunction in the front landing gear.

Media reports indicate that in the fall of 2023, as many aircraft broke down in Russia as in the entire previous year. In 30% of incidents, problems were related to engines, while in a quarter of cases, issues were with landing gear. Other frequent problems included brake failures, air conditioning systems, windshields, and flaps. The challenges are attributed to the impact of sanctions on the aviation industry in Russia.

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