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Russians Faces Massive Entry Ban to Georgia

Georgia strengthened its border control and restricted the entry of Russians into the country.

In particular, Russians began to be massively refused entry to the territory of Georgia, which has become one of the most popular destinations for citizens of the aggressor country.

It is noted that Georgia tightened border controls for Russians a few weeks ago. If before that the number of refusals at the border crossing was small, now several dozen are deployed at the border per day.

At the same time, according to Yehor Kuroptev, director of the public organization Free Russia Foundation, neither the profession, nor the fact of living in Georgia, nor the existence of a housing rental contract is important. If there is no residence permit, then no other documents are a guarantee of entry into Georgia for Russians.

In addition, among those who have been denied entry recently are activists, journalists and lawyers who live in Georgia or traveled from Russia due to security threats. Refusals are also faced by those who travel to Georgia from Turkey by motor vehicles.

In particular, residents of the North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation, as well as residents of Crimea with Russian passports, faced refusals.

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