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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Blocks Russians from Flying to Third Countries

Turkish Airlines has suspended the sale of tickets to Russians on flights from Turkey to third countries since March 10.

“We would like to inform you that from March 10, 2022, Turkish Airlines will temporarily suspend the sale of tickets with routes outside Russia. Currently, tickets can only be issued with departure/arrival from Russia,” Turkish Airlines said in a statement.

Thus, the company still allows Russians to issue tickets on any route, but they must begin or end in Russia.

At the same time, a single ticket for all segments must be issued (ie Moscow – Istanbul – Male). It is impossible to issue a ticket without a Russian section.

For example, you can buy a single ticket on Turkish Airlines flights with several segments – for example, on the route Moscow – Istanbul – Male – Istanbul – Moscow or Podgorica – Istanbul – Kazan. However, Russians cannot buy a separate ticket for Turkish Airlines from Turkey to another country outside Russia (for example, Istanbul – New York or Istanbul – Male).

That is, to fly on Turkish Airlines outside the contour of Russia – Turkey will not work at all.

In addition to Turkish Airways, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Air Serbia, El Al, Emirates, Fly Dubai, airlines from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Armenia and Kazakhstan continue to operate flights from foreign airlines.

At the end of February, European countries closed their airspace to Russian airlines.

Turkish Airlines canceled flights to and from Ukraine between 24th February-23rd of March 2022 (inclusive),

Flights from/to Sochi (Russia) have been cancelled until March 16, 2022 (inclusive), from/to Minsk (Belarus) have been cancelled until March 19, 2022 (inclusive), from/to Chisinau (Moldova) have been cancelled until March 29, 2022 (inclusive) and from/to Rostov (Russia) have been cancelled until March 27, 2022 (inclusive).
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