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The MICHELIN Guide Expands Into Poznań

In 1997, the MICHELIN Guide introduced its selection for Poland, which was initially a part of the Main Cities of Europe Guide and included restaurants in the capital city of Warsaw. The guide was later expanded to include Cracow in 2008. Today, MICHELIN announces the guide’s further expansion into the city of Poznań.

“With its Old Market Square – one of its gems – and streets full of charm, Poznań is a city our inspectors have enjoyed exploring. Its cuisine reflects its cosmopolitan outlook, with influences ranging from Italy to Japan and, while chefs show respect for traditional recipes, they are not afraid to interpret these in a modern fashion”, commented Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

In addition to Poznań, the renowned anonymous inspectors of The MICHELIN Guide will also carry on their assessments in Warsaw. The capital city boasts a diverse range of cosmopolitan dining options, ranging from wine bars and bistros to high-end restaurants. Meanwhile, Cracow, with its rich history and bohemian allure, offers a mix of traditional and inventive cuisine that is sure to impress. Both cities are home to a plethora of culinary experiences that will satisfy the palates of all types of foodies.

For 2023, The MICHELIN Guide has created a partnership with the Polish Tourism Organization to fund digital communication campaigns to promote the MICHELIN Guide selections of Warsaw, Cracow and Poznań to the world. Nevertheless, as has been the case since its inception in 1900, The MICHELIN Guide’s restaurant selection will be created in an independent manner by its expert inspectors, following the universal and historical methodology of The MICHELIN Guide. Their assessments are based on five criteria: the quality of the produce; the mastery of the cooking techniques; the harmony of the flavours; the personality of the chef as expressed on the plate; and consistency, both across the menu as a whole and over time.

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