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Wizz Air Reopenes Bases in Sibiu, Timișoara and Craiova

Wizz Air has reopened its bases in Sibiu and Timișoara and announced Craiova base reopening for 19 June. Passengers can book flights on a total of 35 routes to some of the most popular countries such as: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Flights to these countries have also been resumed from the other bases and airport Wizz Air operates from in Romania.

To help passengers and crew travel safely and worry-free, Wizz Air has implemented additional hygiene measures to support physical distancing during boarding and enhanced cleanliness on board. As part of the measures to protect the health of customers and crew, customers should check-in and make any purchases online, such as paying for additional bags, to reduce non-essential interaction at the airport. To contain the spread of possible infection, passengers are kindly asked to adhere to the new physical distancing rules both during boarding and disembarkation.

While the HEPA filters of all Wizz Air aircraft filter out 99.97% of viruses and bacteria from the air within the cabin, the crew as well as passengers are required to wear masks throughout the flight. Cabin crew distribute sanitizing wipes to each passenger, while the removal of onboard magazines and the encouragement of contactless payment during onboard purchases are measures introduced to minimize physical contact. On flights where load factor allows, the crew observes seat distancing for passengers.

Wizz Air continues its stringent daily cleaning schedule, with the entire aircraft being disinfected overnight, following official guidelines. All new safety procedures are introduced in the following video.

Paulina Gosk, Corporate Communication Manager at Wizz Air, said:„We are pleased to reopen our bases in Sibiu, Craiova and Timisoara and resume more flights which allow Romanians to travel visit their relatives living abroad, for business reasons and to take rest during the holidays. Our primary concern is the health, safety and well-being of our passengers and crew. We have implemented numbers of protective measures to ensure the most sanitary conditions possible. We are ready to welcome passengers on board!”

In September 2020, Wizz Air will establish a new base at Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport, which will be the first carrier’s base in Russia.

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