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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Simplified Flight Conditions to Argentina and Brazil

Turkish Airlines after several incidents with refusal of admission to flights to South America, has reduced the list of justifications for refusal.
Turkish Airlines has not been allowing passengers on flights to Argentina and Brazil for almost three weeks now, for several reasons, including lack of luggage or a passport without a single trip abroad, in some cases the reasons are not stated.

Some of the passengers are planning to sue the airline. One of the affected passengers shared a response from the airline, in which she stated that the decision to deny passengers access was made by a third-party company that provides security at the airport.

The airline’s website in early March outlined “additional controls” rules for passengers traveling to Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Cuba.

It was then reported that to enter Brazil, passengers must have a return ticket, and a paid hotel reservation for the entire trip, the transfer should not be longer than 24 hours. A number of the company’s flights from Istanbul to Argentina are operated with a technical break in Sao Paulo.

As of Sunday, the list of conditions was missing the items previously mentioned – the company stated that entry into the country could be denied to “passengers visiting the country for an extended period but not carrying luggage with them, those flying abroad for the first time, and those, who “do not have documents suitable for the stated purpose of the trip.”

At the same time, the clause remains in force that passengers who do not have enough cash or credit on their card for the trip may be denied boarding.

Due to the current situation, some passengers are changing their travel routes and purchasing tickets from other airlines, flying to Argentina via Dubai and other cities.

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