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Muslim Friendly

Russia Launches Certification for Muslim Friendly Hotel and Tourism Services

The press service of Roskachestvo has announced the commencement of certification for hotel and tourism services under the Muslim Friendly standard in Russia.

The certification body “Roskachestvo-Halal” is starting to certify tourism and accommodation services according to the Muslim Friendly standards. This standard has been developed by the Halal Competence Center at Roskachestvo in collaboration with the muftis of various Russian regions. The foundation for this standard is based on the certification systems of more than 30 countries where similar standards are already in operation.

The Muslim Friendly standard is a set of norms and rules that hospitality enterprises must comply with. For instance, upon request, hotel rooms must provide a Quran, prayer rugs, and other religious items. Additionally, minibars should not contain alcoholic beverages. According to the Russian Quality System’s press service, these norms will apply not to all rooms in a hospitality establishment but to a designated list. This approach allows hotels to cater to both Muslim guests and guests of other faiths.

The need for a Muslim Friendly standard has arisen due to the increasing popularity of Russian tourist cities among visitors from Muslim countries and regions of Russia with predominantly Muslim populations. The standard is intended to make it easier for Muslims to find and choose hotels and places to stay.

In the future, a special portal will be created to help Muslims plan their travels in Russia using only certified hospitality enterprises. Information about establishments that have been certified under the Muslim Friendly standard will be automatically uploaded to information systems and search engines of marketplaces and tourism integrators.

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