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Massive Volcanic Eruption Begins on Hawaii’s Big Island, Kilauea Crater Engulfed in Lava

One of the world’s largest active volcanoes has started erupting in Hawaii. Early Wednesday morning, glowing emanations were detected in the images captured by the Kilauea summit’s webcam, indicating an eruption had taken place in the Halema’uma’u crater.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey reported that images from the peak of the Big Island of Hawaii revealed cracks at the base of the crater, which were releasing streams of lava onto the crater floor, as reported by Sky News.

Prior to announcing the eruption, the observatory noted an increase in seismic activity and changes in ground deformation at the summit that began Tuesday evening. “At present, we do not see any signs of activity in the rift zones. There is no reason to expect that this will escalate into a rift eruption that would threaten any communities here on the island with lava flows or anything of that nature,” stated Mike Zoeller, a geologist from the observatory.

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