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Indonesia to Introduce 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visas for Tourists and Business Travelers

The Indonesian authorities are set to implement five-year multiple-entry visas for tourists and business travelers, with a maximum single-stay duration of 60 days, according to information from The Bali Sun, as reported by Interfax.

The Ministry of Immigration of the country announced the launch of this new type of visa, aiming to modernize Indonesia’s immigration system and attract a greater number of tourists and business professionals.

The D1 visa will be available for tourists, business individuals, and transit passengers, allowing them to visit Indonesia for up to 60 days per trip over a five-year period.

“The visa is not intended for foreigners permanently residing in Indonesia. It is designed for tourists, congress participants, and other business meetings attendees who spend no more than 60 days in the country. Visa holders will be prohibited from conducting business in Indonesia,” the newspaper reported.

The cost of the visa is approximately $900 or 90,000 rubles. Visa payments can be made online on the immigration management website during the application process.

“Staying in Indonesia for more than 60 days, engaging in employment, or violating visa conditions may result in fines, deportation, and other measures against violators,” quoted the immigration department, as mentioned by the newspaper.

For a single-entry tourist visa, foreigners can stay in Indonesia for 30 days, with the option to extend it for an additional 30 days if necessary.

In early December, the Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Uno, stated that Indonesia is considering implementing a visa-free regime for citizens of 20 countries, including Russia, to boost tourism.

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