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Hotels with Shark Nets in Hurghada

Dangerous Mako Shark Spotted Near Hurghada Coast

Water security personnel have spotted a dangerous mako shark near the shores of Abu Minkar Island, very close to Hurghada, reports the Cairo24.

“The mako shark is one of the most dangerous shark species in the Red Sea. People noticed the predator as early as Saturday off the coast of El Gouna, north of Hurghada. Water security personnel have warned of the need to take precautionary measures to avoid shark attacks on residents and tourists,” the publication writes.

Hurghada hotels with shark nets

As noted by the portal, 72 hours after the shark’s initial appearance, it was spotted near Abu Minkar Island, where residents sunbathe and fish.

“In Red Sea reserves, the search for sharks continues for the third consecutive day to study their behavior and the reasons for their appearance in shallow waters,” writes Cairo24.

Abu Minkar Island is known for its biological diversity: dolphin schools and various sea turtles are often encountered there.

The mako shark is considered one of the most dangerous shark species inhabiting the waters of the Red Sea, after the tiger shark. There have been multiple documented cases of this shark attacking humans.

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