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Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) 2023 to Take Place in Brussels

The upcoming Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) 2023, scheduled from 12-15 June, is set to take place in Brussels. The organizers recently held a press conference to provide more details about the event and its objectives.

BUS is being positioned as a significant event, as it combines three international conferences: the 14th Metropolis World Congress, the Eurocities Annual Conference, and the sixth OECD Champion Mayors Summit for Inclusive Growth Initiative.

According to Pascal Smet, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for European and International Relations, this is the first time in history that three major organizations are organizing their annual conferences in the same location. While the veracity of this claim may not be critical, the scale of the summit is undeniable.

The Belgian capital expects around 2,100 participants, including local government representatives, NGO representatives, researchers, and private sector representatives. The event will be attended by representatives from 600 cities in 180 countries, with over 150 mayors and two EU Commissioners, Elisa Ferreira and Johannes Hahn, confirming their presence.

Brussels sees this as an excellent opportunity to showcase its ongoing transformation from a car-centric city to a people-centric city. The agenda includes urban visits to various districts and city adventures in other Belgian cities.

Furthermore, BUS 2023 aims to address three crucial issues that are relevant to cities worldwide: inequality, migration, and climate change. These topics will be emphasized and discussed during the summit, reflecting their importance for the future of global cities.

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