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snorkeling in phuket

11 Best Beaches for Snorkeling in Phuket

Snorkeling in Phuket is an excellent escape plan for tourists tired of the crowded weekdays. Even without scuba diving gear, just using snorkeling masks, you can search for Nemo and his friends. Let’s talk about the best locations for snorkeling in Phuket and hotels near these beaches.

Snorkeling in Phuket. Best beaches

Kata Noi and Kata Yai Beaches

The most interesting snorkeling spots are near rocky capes. So, it’s best to look for such beaches.

Kata Beach, Kata Noi, and Kata Yai are perfectly suitable. Local tropical marine inhabitants await admiring gazes of tourists at the beginning and end of the beaches, where there are rocks.

These beaches are extensive and popular. Of course, they’re not as crowded as Patong, but solitude here is also unlikely. And they are beautiful: pristine white sand, the light turquoise color of the Andaman Sea, and inspiring panoramas.

In a day, you can visit all three beaches and also take a look at Karon. Karon is separated from Kata Yai by a wooded hill. It also separates Kata Yai and Kata Noi. By the way, the word “noi” translates to “small” – the length of the beach is 800 meters. For comparison, Kata Yai is over 1.4 kilometers long.

There are many hotels in the vicinity of these beaches:

Nai Harn Beach and Ao Sane Beach

Many tourists consider Nai Harn Beach to be one of the best beaches for snorkeling in Phuket, with a length of about 700 meters. It is truly picturesque and skillfully captures the hearts of its guests. The beach features pristine white sand, a mysterious casuarina grove, rocks, and nearby coral reefs with colorful fish.

To the north of Nai Harn, there is a small beach called Ao Sane. It is a captivating spot for snorkeling, where you can spot clownfish and parrotfish.

Close to Nai Harn and Ao Sane beaches, you’ll find:

Ya Nui Beach

In the coral reefs of the tiny yet truly picturesque Ya Nui Beach, located between Nai Harn and Rawai beaches, impressive schools of colorful tropical fish gather. The farther you venture from the shore, the more vibrant the underwater world becomes. Boats can be rented on the beach, allowing you to reach the nearby Man island, which is known for its scenic beauty.

Hotels located near Ya Nui Beach:

Nui Beach

Nui Beach, a miniature beach located between Kata Noi and Nai Harn beaches, is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and concealed from prying eyes by dense tropical vegetation. Like the other mentioned beaches, it delights its guests with a vibrant underwater world and its inhabitants – whimsical fish.

In addition to snorkeling, visitors can kayak, play beach volleyball, try flyboarding, enjoy meals at cafes, and, of course, take plenty of photographs. The beach offers a variety of photo-worthy spots, including a charming café, palm tree swings, and more.

snorkeling in phuket
snorkeling in Phuket

Banana Beach and Naithon

The southern part of Banana Beach, located between Bang Tao and Naiton beaches, is an excellent beach for snorkeling in Phuket. Here, one can feel the strong connection between the beauty of nature and the inner harmony of individuals, as the atmosphere of Banana Beach implies complete relaxation.

Meeting beautiful fish is inevitable at Naiton Beach, where there is a small area with coral reefs. Naiton is located beyond Nai Yang Beach, situated in a bay separated from the sea by coral reefs.

Hotels located near Naiton, Nai Yang, and Banana Beach:

Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach, located not far from Rawai and Nai Harn beaches, attracts those seeking tranquility, beautiful fish, and inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty. Many crabs also inhabit the beach, providing entertainment for children. Families with young ones often choose to relax on this beach due to its calm sea and ample shady trees.

Examples of hotels located near Rawai and Laem Ka beaches:

Paradise Beach

Truly a paradise. Here, the views are stunning, there are no waves, no crowds of tourists, and a beautiful coral reef is not far from the shore. After finding Nemo and his numerous friends, you can take a ride on a long-tail boat or visit Patong Beach, which is very close to Paradise Beach. And from Patong, by the way, it’s not far from Freedom Beach, where you can also observe the fish.

Hotels located near Patong and Paradise beaches:

Laem Singh Beach

Secluded Laem Singh, located between Kamala and Surin beaches, is one of the beautiful “surprises” of Phuket. It amazes with its unique beauty, provided by the cliffs, white sandy beach, tropical vegetation, and detachment from the noisy life. A small beach approximately 150 m long is tucked into a winding bay. Here, you’ll find a beautiful underwater world and good restaurants on the shore.

Hotels located near Laem Singh Beach:

Thailand is full of surprises. Here, every day holds new pleasant moments for tourists. For some, it comes as a surprise that you don’t have to travel far and you can find places for snorkeling in Phuket just next to your hotel. While not all beaches on the island boast a beautiful underwater world, such options certainly exist.

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