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Air Moldova Resumed Flights

Air Moldova resumed flights on Saturday, interrupted earlier due to problems with aircraft.

“To mitigate existing operational difficulties, the company has hired three aircraft from European companies to operate part of its scheduled flights. Flights will resume gradually from tomorrow, some of them will undergo schedule changes,” the statement said. It notes that the sold tickets will not be canceled, at the request of the passenger, the flight date will be postponed in them or the cost of travel documents will be compensated.


Air Moldova urged to refrain from statements about the possible bankruptcy of the airline in order to avoid misinforming public opinion and creating information chaos.

Earlier, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova, Lilia Dabizha, said that the authorities had begun checking Air Moldova, which had canceled more than two dozen flights from Chisinau since March 2. Among them are flights to Prague, Warsaw, Tbilisi, Istanbul, Rome, Dusseldorf, Bologna and other cities. Representatives of the company explained this by operational problems, since three of the four boards belonging to it are not available.

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