Flights to Xi’an and Chengdu Launched from Budapest


China Eastern announced that together with Shanghai Airlines it launches two flights per week to Xi’an and Chengdu as an addition to the Shanghai – Budapest route. The reason for this decision is the significant demand: in 2019, 220 000 passengers flew between China and Hungary, representing an 18-percent growth over prior year and 180% cumulative growth over the last five years.

The new flights will be operated year-round, which, together with the Shanghai – Budapest and Beijing – Budapest flights, makes it possible for passengers to choose from four direct flights to China. With these additional flights, the number of seats offered on board from/to Budapest by Shanghai Airlines is increased from 89 000 to 200 000 per annum.

The cities of Chengdu and Xi’an are located on the silk road of trade, thus these new flights may drive and support tourism as well as economic and business relations. Thanks to ever-increasing demand and supply, passenger aircraft serving these routes can also carry considerable volumes of belly cargo which may amount to 25 tons per flight, per direction. 

Together with the newly launched flights, Budapest Airport is now the leading airport in the Central Eastern European region in terms of aerial connections with China with the most extensive route network offering 35% more seats than the airport of Prague.

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