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WestJet Making Changes to Baggage Policies

WestJet is making changes to its baggage policies including updating its baggage policy for flights to/from Europe, excess baggage fees to European and Caribbean destinations and airport baggage fees for all destinations.   

In addition, WestJet guests who book an Econo or EconoFlex reservation who select a preferred or emergency exit row seat during the check-in process will be charged a fee.

 There will be no immediate changes to WestJet’s current fee policies for baggage fees and seat selection:

  • Fees will for preferred seat selection during check-in will apply for all travel on or after December 7, 2022.
  • Changes for baggage and excess baggage fees will only apply to bookings made on or after January 17, 2023.

Changes for checked baggage fees (Effective, January 17, 2023

First & second checked baggage fee changes for transatlantic flights

WestJet guests with Basic, Econo and EconoFlex bookings to/from transatlantic destinations (Europe) will see the following changes reflected for all bookings made on or after January 17, 2023.

  First Bag
First Bag (Check-In) Second Bag (Pre-Pay) Second Bag (Check-In)
Basic $70 $80 $100 $110
Econo $30 $40 $100 $110
EconoFlex n/a n/a $100 $110

Excess bag fee changes for Latin Caribbean and Transatlantic Flights

Excess baggage fees will increase on January 17, 2023, to $150 for all eligible fare bookings to Latin Caribbean and Transatlantic destinations. More information on WestJet’s excess baggage policy can be found here. Excess baggage fees for domestic and transborder destinations remains unchanged.

New Fees for Preferred Seats at Check-In (Effective, December 7, 2022)

Guests with Econo and EconoFlex bookings who select a preferred (i.e., bulkhead) or emergency exit seat during check-in will be charged a seat selection fee. Effective, December 7, 2022, a preferred seat fee charge will only apply if a guest selects a preferred or emergency exit row seat. Standard seating throughout the aircraft remains at no charge. If no free seats remain at time of check-in, seat fees will be waived for guests who are assigned a preferred or emergency exit row seat.

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