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Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport Resumes Operations after False Bomb Threat

Vilnius Airport, which received a bomb threat notification on Wednesday morning, has returned to regular operations after a thorough inspection found no evidence of an explosive device, according to a statement from the Lithuanian airports operator, Lietuvos oro uostiai.

The information regarding the alleged bomb was not confirmed, and the airport authorities swiftly took action to ensure the safety of passengers and personnel. After a detailed examination of the airport premises and an assessment of the situation by security services, operations have resumed as usual.

“Following the comprehensive inspection of the airport facilities and the evaluation of the situation by security agencies, operations are once again proceeding as usual. Passengers are being allowed back into the airport terminals, and regular flight check-ins are underway,” clarified Lietuvos oro uostiai.

The incident affected two regular flights, one bound for Helsinki and the other for Warsaw, resulting in delayed departure times. The affected flights are now expected to proceed with their schedules after the clearance from security authorities.

On Wednesday morning, an anonymous call reporting a planted bomb prompted the evacuation of approximately a hundred people from the airport premises. Swift response and coordination with security agencies ensured the safety of everyone involved.

Lietuvos oro uostai manages three international airports in Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga. Vilnius Airport, the largest in the country, serves as a crucial transportation hub connecting Lithuania to various international destinations.

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