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Valladolid Dog Owners Now Have to Clean Their Pet’s Pee

At the onset of the week, the Valladolid City Hall unveiled its revised ordinance aimed at enhancing the selective collection of household waste and street cleanliness. Among the notable amendments is a groundbreaking provision mandating dog owners to clean up after their pet’s pee, in addition to fecal matter.

While the practice of picking up dog excrement has become customary in cities worldwide, addressing urine stains has typically been overlooked. The new regulation seeks to rectify this oversight by obliging dog walkers to carry a bottle of soapy water alongside waste bags. This solution allows them to dilute urine stains, particularly on street pavements and building facades, minimizing the nuisance to residents.

Speaking at a press conference, Alberto Cuadrado, Valladolid’s Councillor for Public Health and Citizen Safety, emphasized the necessity of modernizing the city’s waste management policies to align with 21st-century demands. He noted that the previous revision of the ordinance dated back to 1993, highlighting the urgency for updates to reflect contemporary realities.

Scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2025, the ordinance will be preceded by public awareness campaigns to familiarize residents with its provisions.

In addition to the provisions regarding pet waste, the ordinance introduces modifications to cardboard collection procedures. Moreover, the updated ordinance includes a revised sanctioning regime, categorizing offenses into minor, serious, and very serious, with fines ranging from 750 to 3000 euros, respectively.

The introduction of these measures underscores Valladolid’s commitment to fostering a cleaner and more hygienic urban environment, while also promoting responsible pet ownership among its residents.

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