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Tourist Flow of Russians to Turkey Is 50% Lower Than Last Year

Russian tour operators state that in terms of the number of tourists they managed to send to Turkey in June 2022, the lag behind the figures from June pre-pandemic 2019 is very significant. Figures range from -50% to -80% from June 2019 levels.

According to the Governor of Antalya, in June 2022, 417,874 tourists from the Russian Federation arrived at the resorts of this province. This is 52% less than in June 2019 (865 thousand). The resorts of the province of Mugla (Aegean coast) were visited by 73,950 Russians in June 2022 (a decrease of -59.4% compared to June 2019, when 182,186 tourists came from Russia).

As for July 2022, in its first decade, the tourist flow is 40% – 50% lower than on the same dates in July 2021.

In July 2019, tour operators flew to the main summer resort of Turkey, Antalya, from 50 cities of the Russian Federation, in July 2021 – from 25-30 cities of Russia, now there are flight programs there from only 17.

At the moment, the growth in the cost of holidays in Turkey in annual terms averaged 94.6 – 98% of the level of 2021.

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