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SFO Opens New Police Training Facility

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) today announced the opening of a new SFO Police Training Facility, a range and training center created for various law enforcement agencies supporting SFO to develop their tactical and inter-agency skills. The facility includes a new 7,150 square foot building containing offices, training and simulation rooms, support spaces, an observation tower and high training platform on the roof.

“The safety and security of SFO requires strong collaboration across multiple agencies,” said Airport Director Ivar C. Satero. “This new facility was built from the ground up to allow the many law enforcement groups who protect us to hone and sharpen their skills, and to ensure a well-coordinated response to any situation. My thanks go out to the entire project team for this accomplishment, and to the users of this facility for their input and participation during the design and construction of this facility.”

“We appreciate the partnership with SFO to create this fantastic new training facility,” said San Francisco Policy Chief William Scott. “This space truly gives our team everything they need to keep their skills sharp, and their tactics ready. We also look forward to using this space to continually practice and perfect our collaboration with the other law enforcement partners that protect our Airport.”

The SFO Policy Training Facility replaced and upgraded an existing training range located on the north side of Airport grounds, away from the passenger terminals. Site improvements included new utilities, high efficiency LED range and parking lighting and a photovoltaic solar system which will make this a net-zero energy consumption facility. The $14.4M construction project began in July 2019. The construction management was awarded to Build Group, Inc.


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