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Russia Introduces Enhanced Security Measures in Airports and Railway Stations

Due to the tragic events at Crocus City Hall, security measures have been significantly intensified at transportation infrastructure facilities, while airports and railway stations continue to operate as usual. Here’s what has changed for passengers and what to keep in mind when preparing for travel – in our overview.


Most Russian airlines and airports recommend arriving at the airport 3 hours before departure and remaining vigilant.

At Sheremetyevo, passengers were reminded not to bring prohibited items or items resembling weapons or ammunition on board and to cooperate with airport staff during pre-flight procedures.

At Domodedovo Airport, passengers were also given the following recommendations:

At Vnukovo Airport, the aviation security service, together with law enforcement agencies, is conducting intensified screening activities at the entrance and exit of the airport terminal complex.

Increased control is in place at entrance areas and the perimeter of the airport terminal complex. Security measures have been intensified in parking lots and pre-terminal areas. Due to the increased security measures, the pre-flight formalities may take additional time, according to the aviation authorities.

At Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg and Khrabrovo Airport in Kaliningrad, passengers were also informed of possible increases in pre-flight processing times.

Security measures have been intensified at the pre-terminal area, parking lots, and passenger terminal at Vladivostok Airport.

Novokuznetsk Airport has also declared an elevated security level. Passengers are asked to arrive at the departure airport in advance and to monitor information from airlines.

At Kemerovo Airport, the maximum (third) level of security continues to be in place on transportation infrastructure. Passengers are requested to understand and cooperate with the additional screening measures.

Sochi Airport also reminded passengers of the heightened security measures and the need to consider this when planning their travels.

Several other airports also recommend adhering to similar recommendations.


Russian Railways (RZD) has announced that security measures have been strengthened on trains, at railway stations, and at stops with large crowds of people.

Specifically, enhanced control measures have been implemented for passenger data verification during boarding, as well as for allowing accompanying individuals onto the train. Additional checks are being conducted before train departure, upon arrival, and during the journey.

“Aeroexpress” has intensified security measures at terminals and on trains operating to/from Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo airports.

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