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Russia Intend to Operate Foreign Aircraft Until 2030

In an interview with Russian RBK published on Wednesday, the head of Rosaviatsia, Alexander Neradko, said he was convinced that Airbus and Boeing planes will keep flying safely until 2030. But with the establishment of mass production of Superjet New, MS-21 and others, of course, there will be a gradual displacement of Western aircraft.

The ban on the supply of original spare parts and new aircraft, the cannibalization of the fleet, as well as the start of gray imports did not affect flight safety in Russia.

Alexander Neradko is confident that flying has not become more dangerous. And this has nothing to do with the presence or absence of original spare parts.

Neradko proposed not to use the term cannibalization of the fleet. The rearrangement of serviceable spare parts from aircraft to aircraft was practiced always and everywhere, including in the USSR.

53 airlines from 26 countries did not stop flights to Russia. Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways entered the market just yesterday, on February 2, with flights from Kuwait International Airport (KWI) to Moscow Domodedovo (DME).

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