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Koltsovo Introduces News Pre-Flight Checks

A new, more convenient procedure for pre-flight checks on international flights is being introduced at Koltsovo International Airport, according to AVIA.RU.

Passengers departing on international flights will proceed directly to the check-in counters upon entering the international terminal to receive their boarding passes and check their luggage. This area will be accessible to both passengers and their companions, similar to the setup in the domestic terminal. Therefore, passengers can be accompanied by their companions here.

After this, passengers will need to proceed to the pre-flight security screening and customs control areas located on the second floor of the terminal. Access to these areas will be provided via escalators, stairs, or elevators located in the domestic terminal.

After passing through security screening and customs, passengers will proceed to the border control area and then to the departure lounge as before.

The navigation system at Koltsovo Airport has been updated in preparation for the launch of the new route. Additionally, for the convenience of passengers, additional mobile signs will be installed in the terminals for the initial period.

“The transition to the new passenger service scheme for international flights is the result of the first stage of extensive technical re-equipment of the international terminal. Work continues on the modernization of the passport control checkpoint, involving its expansion and the introduction of new technologies. Overall, the upgrade of the international terminal will almost double its capacity,” said Alexander Pastukhov, Executive Director of Koltsovo Airport.

Passengers are reminded that check-in for international flights begins three hours before departure. It is strongly recommended to arrive at the airport in advance.

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