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Khabarovsk Airlines

Antonov An-24 Stuck in Okhotsk Airport Mud

Yesterday, an Antonov An-24 aircraft operated by Khabarovsk Airlines, flying from Khabarovsk to Nikolayevsk-on-Amur-Okhotsk, became stuck in the muddy ground after landing while taxiing on the taxiway. It could not transport passengers to the Okhotsk airport terminal, forcing them to continue on foot through the mud.

However, airport staff promptly freed the stuck aircraft by digging out the ground and towing the An-24 to a parking spot using specialized airport equipment. The aircraft departed from Okhotsk to Khabarovsk according to schedule. “Airports of the Russian Far East” underwent inspections due to the incident involving the stranded An-24 in the muddy ground.

Source: @dvtproc

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