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Only 3% of Russians Spent Their Summer Vacation Abroad This Yea

In the current year, only 3% of Russians chose to spend their summer vacations abroad, a significant drop from 13% in 2021, as revealed by survey data from VTsIOM, published on Wednesday on the official website of the sociological center.

According to the research, Russians in the age group of 18-44 years were more likely to travel abroad, with 5% of respondents indicating they did so.

The survey results further indicate that among those who vacationed outside of Russia, nearly one in six (17%) chose Turkey as their destination, while one in seven (14%) opted for Abkhazia. Additionally, one in eight (12%) traveled to the United Arab Emirates, and one in ten (10%) visited Belarus. A smaller percentage, 7%, spent their vacation in Thailand, 5% in Georgia, and 3% in Kyrgyzstan. Approximately one-third (31%) ventured to other countries for their summer holidays, while the remaining 12% found it challenging to specify their overseas vacation destination.

The nationwide telephone survey was conducted on September 16, 2023, among 1,600 respondents aged 18 and above.

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