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More Flights to Kaliningrad

Starting from August 7, 2020, Nordwind adds to its flight schedule an additional Kazan – Kaliningrad – Kazan flights on Fridays:
Departure from Kazan – at 13:50, arrival to Kaliningrad – at 15:40, flight time is 2 hours 50 min.
Departure from Kaliningrad – at 16:40, arrival to Kazan – at 20:15, flight time is 2 hours 30 min.

From July 16 flights from Kazan to Kaliningrad are operated on Thursdays and Sundays:

Departure from Kazan – at 12:00, arrival to Kaliningrad – at 13:55;
Departure from Khrabrovo airport – at 00:15, arrival to Kazan – at 03:45.

Chelyabinsk – Kaliningrad flights are available on Thursdays and Sundays:

Departure from Chelyabinsk – at 22:30, arrival to Khrabrovo airport – at 23:15;
Departure from Kaliningrad – at 15:00, arrival to Chelyabinsk – at 21:30.

The time stated in the schedule is the local time for each airport.

As part of the summer schedule, the flights will be performed till October 24, 2020 with Boeing 737 having a capacity of 189 seats.

Kaliningrad is famous for its cultural and historical uniqueness especially obvious in the city’s architecture. There are many cultural objects which will no doubt be of interest to history lovers. Those who prefer beach vacation may have some quality time on the Baltic seaside. The most popular resorts of the region are Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk which is also well known for its balneological health centers opened since 1816. Vishtynetskoye Lake, Curonian Spit and Vistula Spit – all these places will definitely impress tourists who are into nature-gazing.

Nordwind Airlines, LLC is a Russian leisure airline. The company is headquartered in Moscow, and its hub is at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Nordwind Airlines primarily operates service between airports in Russia and holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. 

Rossiya Airlines has started operating interregional flights from Yekaterinburg to Kaliningrad.

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