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Iceland Suspends the Operation of Its Embassy in Russia from August 1

Iceland suspends the operation of its embassy in Russia from August 1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland has announced its decision to suspend the operation of its embassy in Moscow starting from August 1, according to a statement released by the Icelandic foreign policy department on Friday.

“This is not an easy decision, as Iceland has maintained significant relations with the Russian people since gaining independence in 1944. However, the current situation makes it impractical for Iceland’s small foreign service to maintain the operation of the embassy in Russia,” the statement quoted Icelandic Foreign Minister Thordis Gylfadottir as saying.

Iceland also intends to reduce the level of diplomatic relations with Russia, and Icelandic authorities have requested that Russia scale down the activities of its embassy in Reykjavik.

“The decision to suspend the operation of the Icelandic embassy in Moscow does not mean a rupture in diplomatic relations. As soon as conditions allow, Iceland will make it a priority to resume the functioning of the embassy in Moscow,” the document states.

According to the document, the Icelandic authorities have informed the Russian Ambassador, who was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland.

At the same time, Gylfadottir expressed hope for the normalization of relations in the future but stated that it would depend on Moscow’s actions.

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