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Wine Tourism

Expanding Wine Tourism in Russia: A Journey through Wineries and Historical Vineyards of the Stavropol Region

Tourists in the Stavropol region are offered to visit excursion programs that encompass an increasing number of wineries.

In the Izobilnensky District, a project promoting the development of wine tourism is planned to be implemented. Along with the wine production complex, a tasting room and a zone for historical reconstruction of an 18th-century winery with art objects and photo areas will be created.

Among the currently available routes, tourists can choose to visit wineries in the Caucasian Mineral Waters area.

In the Budennovsky District, three agricultural enterprises welcome tourists, offering excursions that include visits to a winemaking history museum and vineyards, wine tastings, and fishing.

The Stavropol region is home to 45 grape-growing enterprises. Just between 2020 and 2022, 8 new organizations and farms were established in vineyards.

A new draft law has been introduced to the State Duma of Russia, aiming to establish legal foundations for wine tourism in Russia. The proposed law allows tourists to visit wineries for leisure and learn about the history, culture, and regional traditions of winemaking. Wine tours may include activities like participating in vineyard work, purchasing products directly from producers, and enjoying accommodation and excursions.

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