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China Southern Airlines to Launch Flights to Russia

China Southern Airlines is launching regular flights to Russia; flights from Yanji, located in the Jilin province to Vladivostok. Flights will operate twice a week.

According to the airport’s announcement, starting on March 2, China Southern Airlines will commence regular flights to Vladivostok from Yanji, a city in northeast China. The airline will operate flights twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

With the opening of this new route, residents and visitors of Vladivostok will have the opportunity to reach China with a direct flight in just one hour. Flights from Yanji to Vladivostok depart at 18:00 and arrive in the capital of the Russian Far East at 20:50. Departure from Vladivostok is at 22:00, arriving in Yanji at 20:50. The times are specified locally for each airport.

Yanji is a city that combines elements of both Chinese and Korean cultures. Situated near the Changbai Mountain National Park, the city attracts tourists with its extraordinary nature, including rivers, lakes, mountains, and gardens. Additionally, Yanji serves as a convenient transfer point for travel to South Korea, allowing flights to Seoul, Busan, and Jeju from there.

Tickets can be purchased on the airline’s website, as well as on Russian and Chinese online platforms.

“China is a priority direction in the development of the international transportation of the airport. Currently, the frequency of flights to China has reached 21 flights per week. Vladivostok is connected by air with Chinese cities such as Beijing, Harbin, and Dalian, with flights operated by airlines such as Aurora, Russia, Chengdu Airlines, and Hainan Airlines. Additionally, the resumption of flights to Beijing and Shanghai by S7 Airlines is planned from April 2,” noted Alexander Bobrov, Director of Aviation Commerce at Vladivostok International Airport.

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