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Southwind Airlines

Finland Denies Flights to Southwind Airlines Due to Its Connections with Russia

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has denied Turkish airline Southwind Airlines permission to operate flights to Finland due to its connections with Russia.

This was stated in a statement by Traficom.

“Our overall assessment shows that a significant share of ownership and effective control of Southwind Airlines is not held by the specified Turkish individuals or companies. We have concluded that the airline and its control are linked to Russian interests,” said CEO Jarkko Saarimäki.

Based on Traficom’s overall assessment, significant ownership rights and effective control over the airline do not belong to the appointing party or its citizens, as required by the current air transport agreement.

Earlier, the airline Southwind Airlines, operating flights from Turkey, applied to Traficom for permission to operate flights to Finland. Traficom informed the airline that permission would not be granted.

In the justification, it was stated that granting permission for Southwind Airlines’ activities would be unacceptable under the sanctions restrictions in force in the EU.

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