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North Korea

Russia to Resume Charter Flights to North Korea

Russia is ready to resume charter flights to North Korea for tourist groups, reported by RIA Novosti citing the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Alexander Kozlov.

According to the minister, delegations from both countries held a meeting in Moscow where they agreed to resume charter flights as tourist flows are formed. Kozlov noted that this concerns the resumption of charter flights, not regular flights between the countries. Additionally, three flights, previously used by Russian tourists to travel to North Korea, were trial runs.

The first tourists from Russia arrived in North Korea on February 9, 2024, marking the first visit in the past 4 years. Guests toured Pyongyang and the North Korean ski resort Masikryong during this visit. The last time Russian tourists visited North Korea was in January 2020. Afterward, the country closed its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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