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Air France

Air France to Shift Operations from Paris Orly to Charles de Gaulle by Summer 2026

The French airline, Air France, has announced its intention to cease using Paris Orly Airport for its operations by the summer of 2026, redirecting all flights to France’s primary international gateway, Charles de Gaulle Airport, with the exception of flights to Corsica.

This strategic decision comes in response to a significant drop in demand for domestic air travel. According to the airline’s statement, the passenger flow within France from Orly has decreased by 40% from 2019 to 2023.

Part of this decline can be attributed to a reduction in business travel, as corporate travelers increasingly turned to video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings during the pandemic. Furthermore, the French government has been actively promoting a shift from air travel to rail transportation as part of its sustainability initiatives.

Air France’s move to consolidate its operations at Charles de Gaulle Airport aims to optimize resources and streamline operations. The airline will maintain its services to Corsica, recognizing the unique nature of this route.

The transition is expected to take place over the next few years, allowing passengers and stakeholders ample time to adjust to the changes. Air France is committed to maintaining a high level of service quality during this transition and ensuring a smooth experience for its passengers.

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