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Wizz Air Plans to Resume Regular Flights to Moldova in December

Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced plans to resume regular flights to Moldova starting in December, marking a significant development after suspending operations in March due to security concerns related to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

According to reports from TV8, Moldova’s Prime Minister Dorin Recean stated that Wizz Air will commence flights connecting Chisinau to Rome, Milan, and London from December onwards.

The decision to halt all flights to and from Chisinau was made on March 14, with the airline citing recent events in Moldova and a high, though not immediate, risk in the country’s airspace as the primary reasons for the suspension.

In a surprising turn of events in October 2022, Wizz Air announced the closure of its base in Moldova, attributing the decision to the ongoing Russian missile strikes targeting Ukraine.

The revival of Wizz Air’s operations in Moldova signals a positive shift, providing travelers with renewed accessibility to key European destinations. As the airline navigates the evolving geopolitical landscape, passengers are advised to stay informed through official channels for any updates on the resumption of services and potential travel advisories.

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