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Rocco Forte

Rocco Forte Hotels Introduce Romantic Candle-Lit Dinners

As the clocks go back this winter, Rocco Forte Hotels rekindle its popular candle-lit dinners, switching electric lights for candles one night a week, encouraging guests to save energy for romance by dining under candlelight

From 29th October, as the clocks go back and the days become shorter, the renowned restaurants of Rocco Forte Hotels will aid guests to reignite romance under candlelight. Ground floor lights will be dimmed and candle-wicks lit as guests are invited to be seduced by the warming, radiant restaurants and dine amidst the golden hues.

On the cue of clocks returning to winter time, once a week the restaurants and bars across the group from Edinburgh to London, Belgium to Germany, Florence to Rome to Palermo, will switch off their lights to savour a few hours of candle-lit glow. As luminescent flames create radiant atmospheres across Rocco Forte Hotels’ restaurants this winter, guests are invited to light up their weeknights by dining in the twilight-style settings in some of Europe’s most romantic cities.

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