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The MICHELIN Guide Returns to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Michelin Guide

Recently, the MICHELIN Guide landed in Atlanta, Georgia, Colorado, and Argentina—stay tuned this autumn for the selection reveals—but today, witnesses the Guide re-enter Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. “We are delighted to announce the return to our gastronomic recommendation activities in Brazil,” says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide. “The relaunch of our restaurant selections will once again allow for celebrating the best local establishments and the talented professionals who run them.”

Focused on championing the diversity of cuisine and flavors, the MICHELIN Guide’s anonymous Inspectors have combed the cities in search of the best. “You can find establishments in São Paulo that represent dozens of types of cuisine, and this is one of the most symbolic facets of the cosmopolitan capital that it is,” adds Rodolfo Marinho, Secretary of Tourism for the city of São Paulo. “We are delighted with the arrival of the MICHELIN Guide, which highlights the diversity and culinary richness of the city.”

This sentiment was echoed by Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Tourism, Daniela Maia. “Associating the destination of Rio with a brand recognized and celebrated fine dining is a source of great joy,” she says. “Just as important as stimulating the economy is valuing what our chefs have been doing for a long time.”

And while the initial selection will be revealed in March 2024, the work is underway on uncovering the gems of Brazil. “The MICHELIN Guide inspectors have already started to get back on track with these wonderful restaurants and are now eager to reveal their next edition,” says Poullnnec. And no doubt with the most tasty results.

The prestigious Michelin Guide expands its coverage to include İzmir and Bodrum, alongside the already renowned city of Istanbul.

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