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Finnair Sells Its Signature Juice in Finnish Supermarkets

In recent months, airlines have had to contend with profits as many flights remain unperformed and demand is low. Anything that can renew people’s interest in the aviation industry is being used, from on-board food, pajamas, and even flights to nowhere. Finnair now sells its famous blueberry juice for people to enjoy at home.

The airline decided to bring joy not only in the air, but also to its down-to-earth customers. Finnair decided to recreate the feeling of flying from home. Finnair will start selling its well-known and hugely popular blueberry juice in stores all over Finland. 


Finnair blueberry juice can be found in a selection of K-Group’s over 300 grocery stores in Finland, starting in December. This new launch continues the success of the airline’s recent launch of Taste of Finnair ready-made meals. In October, Finnair brought ready-made meals inspired by its business class menu to grocery stores in Finland.

The Finnair-branded blueberry juice drink is produced in Turku, Finland, by Eckes-Granini. It is manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

The blueberry juice drink is made from European wild blueberries, which are sourced from the Nordics and Central European countries, depending on the annual yield. 

Blueberry has recently been branded a superfood, but for Finns, it has always been a natural part of Finnish cuisine, as it grows wild in the forests all over Finland. Every autumn, Finnish forests are full of blueberries and anyone can pick them.

An astonishing amount of 150-200 million kilos of blueberries are picked every year in Finland. Probably every Finn has picked blueberries, and you can buy them by the bucket almost everywhere when they are in season in August. Many Finns prefer to freeze most of their stash of blueberries and enjoy blueberries all year round.

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