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Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines Ranks Among the Safest Airlines in the World

Ural Airlines has once again received the maximum safety rating of seven stars from the company Airline Ratings. It is based on an analysis of the practices of more than 435 air carriers from around the world.

Ural Airlines has created a multistep control system to ensure outstanding safety during flights and the preparations for them, including monitoring the work of maintenance personnel, qualified pilots and trained flight attendants. The company’s aviation technical center allows it to perform all manner of ground servicing on the aircraft. The company is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and regularly passes audits, attesting to its commitment to maintaining a high level of safety by complying with international standards.


This spring, Ural Airlines Ranks entered the Top 100 list of the safest airlines in the world, according to the renowned German audit company, Jacdec.

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