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Who Is Russian Luxury Tourist

The VIP travel market is the most stable sector in the Russian travel industry. While it may not frequently witness significant growth, it tends to steer clear of substantial declines. Several key destinations are popular for Russian luxury tourists, such as Turkey, the UAE, Maldives, and Thailand.

In these destinations, luxury travelers often choose prolonged stays of two weeks or more, enjoying comprehensive services, comfortable flights, and seamless transfers.

Coral Travel identifies potential in other countries by expanding beyond these well-established high-budget tour spots. For example, there is a demand for upscale travel experiences in Bali and Vietnam.

Profile of a Russian luxury tourist

If we were to paint a picture of a VIP client participating in seminars organized by Coral Travel, a Russian luxury tourist is typically a man aged 45 or older. He travels with a girlfriend or family and gravitates towards destinations like the Maldives and Seychelles.

These clients desire seclusion in villas, a complete array of services including a personal chef, flights with specific airlines, and distinctive “perks” such as helicopter transfers, wedding ceremonies, special cuisine, and more.

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