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UAE to Open First Brewery

The first brewery in the UAE is due to open following a change in the alcohol laws.

Called Craft by Side Hustle, the brewing facility is within a restaurant and brewpub/microbrewery, which has been created in partnership between local restaurant entrepreneurs and the producer Side Hustle Brews & Spirits.

The brewpub will be located in The Galleria Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi. Although the brand has previously sold beers in the UAE and on Etihad Airlines flights, the firm’s brewing process had been taking place in the US.

But now the company will be the first drinks brand in the UAE to ferment alcoholic beverages.

According to Side Brew, there will be 75 different brews made across the next 12 months, with around five to ten available at any given period.

Dubai has expanded its bar and restaurant licenses to retail outlets, as well as free-standing hospitality venues that aren’t attached to hotels and similar facilities.

The move comes as the UAE looks to expand its tourism reach and attract more visitors. The production of alcohol is still banned outright in many countries across the region, including sales, consumption, and possession.

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