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Southwest Pilot Gets Married Inflight

Southwest Airlines worked with York Zentner, a Southwest Pilot who lives in Utah but is based out of LAS, to organize a special inflight wedding to his bride, Sabrina Solesbee. The ceremony took place on a regularly scheduled commercial flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

The couple met in person for the first time at a Southwest ticket counter. Sabrina would routinely join York’s scheduled trips as a Passenger on her days off, allowing the two to travel together from city to city as their relationship progressed. Eventually, York proposed to Sabrina on a private flight the two took over the mountains of Utah. It was only fitting, then, that the couple be married aboard a Southwest flight from Las Vegas (LAS) to Salt Lake City (SLC): Southwest’s Las Vegas Station was the place where the couple met, and Salt Lake City is the city where the couple is likely to settle. The couple registered for a marriage license in the state of Utah, since that is the state the plane was going to be flying over by the time the flight reached its cruising altitude and the ceremony would take place.

On their big day, they were joined by around 15 friends and family, as well as several additional Southwest Customers traveling on the flight. The ceremony was officiated by Andrew Pabste, a fellow Southwest Pilot who is a close friend of York’s.



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