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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Extends Flight Schedule and Adds New Seasonal Routes for Early 2024 Travel

Southwest Airlines has announced an extension of its flight schedule until March 6, 2024, allowing customers to book their early 2024 vacations with ease.

In addition, Southwest Airlines is introducing new seasonal nonstop service. Starting from January 13, 2024, passengers can enjoy Saturday flights between Omaha, Neb., and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Fla.

As the winter season progresses, Southwest Airlines will also resume several seasonal routes, starting as early as January 8, 2024, providing convenient travel options for customers seeking a break from winter weather.

From January 8, 2024, Southwest Airlines will reinstate daily service between Dallas and Fort Myers, Fla., as well as between Dallas and Palm Springs, Calif. A few days later, on January 14, 2024, flights will resume on Sundays between Dallas and Louisville, Ky.

The airline is also reintroducing routes connecting various cities across the United States to popular Florida destinations. Customers can now book weekend service starting on Saturday, January 13, 2024, for the following routes:

  • Albany, N.Y. to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Fla.
  • Phoenix to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Fla.
  • Buffalo, N.Y. to Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Louisville, Ky. to Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Providence, R.I. to Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Cleveland to Tampa, Fla.
  • Cincinnati to Orlando, Fla.
  • Detroit to Orlando, Fla.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Orlando, Fla. (offered on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends)

Commencing on the same day, Southwest Airlines will offer weekly Saturday service for the following routes:

  • Hartford, Conn. to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Fla.
  • Grand Rapids, Mich. to Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Washington, D.C. (Reagan National) to Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Tampa, Fla.

On January 14, 2024, the airline will introduce nonstop service on Sundays between Louisville, Ky., and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Fla.

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