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Singapore Launched New 5- Year Visa Program

Singapore launched a new five-year visa program that officially came into effect this month. The new visa program aims at those earning at least 30,000 Singapore dollars ($22,300) per month in fields such as finance, technology, academia, sports and arts.

Visa holders are allowed to work for multiple companies at one time, and their spouses are also granted eligibility to work.

Indonesia’s Second-Home Visa program, which enables foreigners to stay in the country for up to 10 years, also took effect last month.

As a small city-state with a population of about 5.6 million, including foreign nationals, Singapore has long relied on overseas professionals to complement its local workforce.

Singapore is not the only place courting international professionals. Several other places have announced similar visa programs lately.

Cambodia’s Interior Ministry announces a new residence by investment scheme – The Cambodia My 2nd Home (CM2H). The minimum investment in real estate for a “golden visa” is $100,000, a passport is possible after 5 years, and the application is considered in 14 working days.

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