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Russian Railways

Russian Railways to Launch Spa Car

Russian Railways will launch the first tourist train with a sauna in Russia. A unique spa car will be included in the renovated tourist train Pearl of the Caucasus.

Inside, there will be shower cabins, an infrared sauna, and a relaxation area. The sauna’s maximum capacity will be six people, with a minimum stay of one and a half hours. The cost of admission is not specified, but it is known to include shower amenities, herbal tea, and snacks. Passengers will also have access to laundry and ironing services in the spa car. Additionally, the train will feature compartment, SV (high-end compartment), and luxury cars, as well as a restaurant and bar. Moreover, the train is equipped with a reception desk – the workstation of the train manager who can assist with any inquiries during the journey.

The exterior of each car is dedicated to one of the republics along the route, featuring their landmarks and landscapes. Interior design incorporates views of the region’s nature, quotes from Lermontov’s works, and scenes from the movie “Prisoner of the Caucasus.” Some cars were specially manufactured for this project, while others underwent major refurbishment.

Uniforms for the train crew, restaurant car staff, and train managers have been designed to match the train’s color scheme and style.

During the cruise, this “hotel on wheels” will traverse picturesque locations along the Black Sea coast, Stavropol Krai, and cities of the North Caucasus.

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